小泉朋美  koizumi tomomi ただようゆうやみ 2010年1月16日(土) - 2月13日(土) 16 January - 13 February 2010 Open  Wednesday - Saturday 13:00 - 19:00 オープニングレセプション:1月16日(土) 17時 - 19時 Reception for the artist : 16 January   17:00-19:00


I heard that it is 'broad border' that Koizumi is strongly conscious of in her creation.
Evening time that is neither day nor night, or the time of after school in school days, that is the border of time. The border of the season that can't be said as nor summer nor fall, though it is longer time span. The self being between sea and mountain, that is the border of landform. And, adolescence in the middle of girl and adult, and so on.
The noncommittal feeling of being on a border is represented in her works with the pieces of memory accumulating the bottom of the heart, slowly but certainly by oil paint that dries unhurriedly. However, it doesn't present something clearly. It may be said the passive self that is made to float by nature, and the state of feeling left 'floating' repeating going back and forth.
The pure eyes of a girl in the canvas may be that gaze us saying that we don't have to make the clear answer. The viewers are unceasingly questioned between a meaning and meaningless as if being posed a riddle.