「ただいまと地平の影へもぐりこむ線を結んで空のそのさき」 春草絵未 HARUKUSA Emi 2010年3月5日(金) - 4月4日(日) 5 March - 4 April 2010 Open Wednesday - Saturday 13:00-19:00 オープニングレセプション: 3月 5日(金) 17時〜19時30分 Reception for the artist: 5 March  17:00-19:30





“Beyond the Sky”
(Tadaimato chiheino kagehe mogurikomu senwo musunde sorano sonosaki)

A verse by the artist, Harukusa Emi, is the title of this exhibition. She expressed her ordinary and creative days in Japanese traditional 5-lines poem “Tanka”.

“When you turn your gaze, you will find many other worlds diverse from the one you see now” said Harukusa.
She senses that high-rise midtown exists in the different world from the one adopting her downtown neighborhood where she was born and lives even though they are both under the same Tokyo sky.
The artist bridges her region and somewhere “beyond the sky” by superimposing differently existing time and space over her reality with carefully drawn lines.
This act is the result of accumulation of her ordinary, contemplative, and creative days.

The white field on the canvas is not just the plain empty space. It is “空 KU” (vanity) of oriental perspective rather than the simple blank.
This distance in space and interval in time, or Japanese concept of “間 MA”, can be found between the her work and its viewers, and this space frees our eyes and point of views.

Harukusa said that she obtains her freedom by ”adapting myself to the surroundings to see the world, not by seeing the scenery around me”.
This exhibition can be a sign of entrance to somewhere not here.