榎倉康二 ENOKURA koji 予兆としての  絵画” 2010年5月22日(土)-6月26日(土) May 22 - June 26   2010 Closed on sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and National holidays オープニングレセプション:5月22日(土) 17時 -19時30分 Opening reception   May 22 17:00 -19:30 粟田大輔氏によるテキストを掲載した小冊子を作りました。



Painting as sign
《Intervention Ratio B (In Space)》 was made in 1978 and it consists of 6 pieces of works.
ENOKURA uses canvas for this work, on which a track of plain surface of lead with waste oil was pushed and on which
stain spreads itself.
In short, canvas is interfered by oil masses. What meaning does his reconsideration about canvas have for ENOKURA,
who pointed to his trial to deviate from the traditional painting, since the installation in the exhibition 'between man and matter' in 1970?

−From the text by AWATA Daisuke