Beyond the Ultraworld 宮城勝規 MIYAGI Katsunori 2010年12月3日(金)- 12月25日(土) 13時 - 19時December 3 - 25 2010Open Wednesday -  Saturday 13:00 - 19:00 オープニングレセプション:12月3日(金)  18時 - 20時30分Reception for the artist  :  December 3  18:00 - 20:30 MORI YU GALLERYと合同オープニングです。

12月18日(土)はimura art gallery、MORI YU GALLERYと 合同でのアートクリスマスパーティのため夕方から入場料が必要です。
詳しくは、CIVIC ARTのサイトをご覧ください。


In this exhibition, as the title, he proposes the possibility to go beyond. The way for it is linked to the keyword 'abstraction,' which is his new concept.
In the world of creation, abstraction doesn't have a sort of concrete figure in narrow meaning. However, at the wide point of view, it is an act to purify and to visualize his conceptual philosophy that isn't restricted in form.
People in MIYAGI Katsunori's works aren't defined as children or human beings. The children (the children-like things) are the symbol of 'heart' that is free from unchangeable everyday life and limit of vision being captured by common sense. And the appearance of the children seemingly abstract, it gives the viewers the 'eyes' that free them who became aware of the state of feeling, and their points of view, thought and hearts.
As the creatures that appear in front of us are drawn as maturer children than before, he seems to step into a dimension of new expression 'mental abstraction.'