春草絵未 個展 「空気のしっぽ」 HARUKUSA Emi  solo exhibition   “tail of the air” 2011年9月10日(土) - 10月1日(土)    September 10 - October 1 オープニングレセプション :  9月10日(土) 18:00- Reception for the artist : September 10 18:00 -   恩田陸さんの文庫本の装丁画を描きました。その原画と共に本も販売致します。

Ohshima Fine Artでは二回目となる春草絵未の個展である。

でも絶対に無くてはならないもの というフレーズは最も有名であろう。
そして、その肝心な空気に、しっぽ があったら・・・と、想像するだけで楽しい。それを探してもいい。



This is the second solo exhibition of Harukusa Emi at Ohshima Fine Art.
In the artworks of Harukusa “things” and “events” of her personal surroundings comes into play.
The accumulation of every ordinary day, fructify in the work just like an important jewel.
And the “things” that are randomly arranged on the canvas, are for the artist, all determined by destiny, just like there is nothing meaningless in this world.
This conglomerate of days is the food that nurtures Harukusa Emi, and is at the same time, a “story” of herself.

Well, let’s look at the title of the show, “Tail of air”.
“The air, that exists in the world but that we usually are not aware of.
But, still, is something that we cannot live without”, is perhaps a too famous phrase.
Between person and person there is something like “air”, that is invisible but unique, and thanks to that “something” that covers us softly, we can live and gets us connected.
And what if the air had a tail…? Just imagining this is something funny.
We can just look for it. The “tail of the air” is a word that has also the meaning of looking for something inside the invisible.
This exhibition, is conformed from works of varied size and an installation in the gallery space.

This time Harukusa has also made a “picture book”, that she wanted to try from before.
Also she has written a collection of “tanka” (Japanese short poems constructed with 31 characters in rhyme).
It looks like the poetic world built with 31 characters and the picture making based on the construction of the motifs is something connected.
She originally had predilection for literature and words, and that’s why she is continually going back and forth freely between painting and the world of words.
In other words, this exhibition has become a place to feel the original width of creation of Harukusa.

This is an exhibition where the viewer will surely feel the look to the world, that is secretly alive inside the artist.