及川恵子 十力 OIKAWA  Keiko  Tathagata  2012年1月21日(土) - 2月10日(金) January 21 - February 10 2012   オープニングレセプション:2012年1月21日 18:00頃~ Reception for the artist January 21  18:00-


この“脳化する現代社会”といわれる時代にあって、鑑賞者も、第六巻で受け止めて 何かを感じて欲しいということだ。

You may have heard of the title of this exhibition − Tathagata.
It is known as the ten powers equipped by the Buddha, or it is known as the Buddha itself. Regarding this matter, the artist explains everything which has the possibility to be promoted as the Buddha as the brilliancy of toso. The ten drawings which are associated with the powers are also exhibited.
In the previous solo exhibition, although there were paintings about the volume of things, or surface materials, etc, OIKAWA was also fired up with enthusiasm for interesting creation. In this solo exhibition, we are able to meet the creations full of honesty by the artist who is moving forward to catch the「truth」of the previous exhibition.
The antler in the art work is an evidence of reborn. Moreover, because of the divine appearance of the deer, the gold, round background is easily associated with「halo」.
However, it will conceive a danger of holding a wrong prejudice if we symbolize and convert the things appearing in the art work of OIKAWA Keiko into languages.
In this brain society, viewers also use the six senses to catch for something they want to feel.
Passing through the days in which Japanese used to discover the power of the animals which can transcend human beings, and also “feel“ the existence of god through everything, the Japanese will also keep these practices in the future.