榎倉康二 ENOKURA Koji ‘Figure,  Drawing’ 2012年3月24日(土)-4月21日(土) 13 - 19:00 24 March - 21 April オープニングレセプション:3月24日(土) 18:00- Opening reception : 24 March


The art work of ENOKURA Koji holds a strong「power」from the 40s (This is not simply a nostalgia for the good old days). This core part is the concept of ENOKURA, and also the soul of this artist who died before achieving him ambition. Therefore, the art work by this unusual artist can also attract people at present.
Also, comparing with the “Reconsidering Mono-ha” recently, you will inevitably feel that it is important to take up the meaning of ENOKURA to keep on challenging the possibility to go to the end of horizon of「painting」within the「mono-ha」.
Additionally, an inflammatory message would like to be raised, in which whether or not the “exist” artist can keep on shining after 40 years as this creation expected to do. It is believed that it is the mission of gallerist to raise such message.
Under the enquiries of a series of exhibition, the re-examination of the ability of contemporary art to work is encouraged. This allows Japanese to re-consider the important sense of beauty which is inherited from the eternity in this complicated and chaotic society.