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開廊日: 水木金土 13:00 - 19:00





The characters that I draw are like water which can be dyed by any color.
The production of artwork is influenced by factors like personal problems and the surrounding world. Artwork is thus mixed with many personal factors, which sometimes are hard to be understood by others. They can be contradictory and incomprehensible, like snowing in summer. And we are actually attracted by them.

It may due to the fact that summer holiday is the longest period in a year, it is a season which makes me feel very relax and separates me from daily life. While I am making the artwork, the word “non-routine” is the thing that I treasure a lot. The pink wall is built to maintain the feeling of being disconcerted.

I have been travelling around places where being apart from Tokyo in recent years. The different culture and nature which I encounter during travel is new and great to me. I have started adding the surprise and feeling which I got during travel to my artwork. I hope I can continue to encounter this kind of feeling in the future.