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TAMAGAWA Munenori  solo exhibition  ”Diary”
2017 5月20日 - 6月10日 13 - 19:00

オープニングレセプション 5月20日(土) 18:00 - 21:00
俳優・MC 浅川芳恵による「言葉のパフォーマンス」を19時より開催いたします。
We will exhibit the dramatical way of performing words by Asakawa Yoshie.

Also, during the exhibition you can listen to the performance of the words played by the digital audio player.
while at the same time, please enjoy the work of Tamagawa Munenori.


TAMAGAWA Munenori has a slightly unorthodox background. He was already over 30 when he started to paint, initially as rehabilitation from a psychological illness.His works draw their inspiration from personal everyday memories, but the images he creates from them make a departure from reality and appear on the canvass as a unique form of graffiti. His art enlists a wide variety of materials and techniques, and with its vibrant colors and bold lines, it emanates an affirmative energy that unconditionally celebrates life.