玉川宗則 個展あさ起きてパンをふたつとたまごをたべた。目玉は柔らかいほうが好きだ。あおい絵を描きたくなったけどあおがなかった。3と8が好きで5はきらいだ。あめが降ってきたので線が太くなった。テンテンをかいていたら夜になった。  2021年1月30日(土) - 2月20日(土)開廊 水曜日 - 土曜日  13 - 19:00


Ohshima Fine Artで4回目となる今回の玉川宗則の個展では、金剛界曼荼羅と胎蔵界曼荼羅の作品を展示します。

I woke up and ate two pieces of toast and a fried egg. I like gooey yolk.
I wanted to draw with blue paint, but I didn’t have one.
I like “3” and “8” but don’t like “5”.
Because of rain, lines got blurred with moisture.
Then night fell as I was drawing dots.



The statement from Tamagawa Munenori

While I was selling my artworks at the Inokashira Park right after I started painting, my friend told me about his family member, who was a mandala artist in Nepal, that he would never get mad at dogs that pee on his mandala he drew on the ground, and I thought it was a nice story.
I remembered that story the other day, and I realized if I collected my artworks in one piece it could make a mandala.
So, I started working on creating my own universe by painting a mandala so that it would become my compilation work as an artist.
I am confident that my new artwork, Mandala of the Two Realms, is the fruit of my own creative life that started at the Inokashira Park by “connecting with people”.