それをコンセプトに制作を続け、日々発展させてきましたが、いつもフォーカスされるのが「かわいい」のほうで、それだけじゃないという思いが常にありました。 今回は初めてサブタイトルを付けて、その部分をさらに理解してもらおうと展示の企画をしました。
新しい絵画表現になっているだろうか などと自問自答しながら制作を続けています。


When I put modernism and kawaii, which are incompatible ideologies, together, I realized they are actually pretty compatible with each other. After that realization, I’ve set the concept for my creative work and made progress. However, I was frustrated with only kawaii getting noticed and focused because what I wanted was not just that.

So, I planned for my audience to understand what I really want to tell by adding my exhibit a subtitle for the first time. I’ve been working on my creation while asking myself if this would be a new way for expressing art.

You may have an unusual experience. It would make me happy if my audience would find a new perception while experiencing my exhibit.

Katsunori Miyagi