その両者を切り捨てず見つめていくこと、そしてその葛藤の間(あわい)、を行き来する日々の営みの中に前向きな可能性を求める心や佇まいを大切にしていきたい。 そして、このような葛藤や思考をありのまま表現するため、作品は理路整然とはいかない、ごちゃまぜのまま成立していく。このような創作は”絵描き”として生きるミッションだと最近は感じている。


= What I keep in mind when I create my art =

I create my art while I try not to ignore human’s complex emotions and mental conflicts as well as to remind myself to find hopes beyond such struggles.
A single matter often contains more than one emotion or answers. Even after only one is selected, the others would stay there without disappearing. Such complexity does exist in this reality, and I value such complexity in my creation.
Life is born by accident, and it forms a certain part in a society with or without its intention. Eventually, it builds itself as it becomes aware of itself. I believe that it is “to live” when we accept such a process and keep searching for better ourselves in society.
It is, however, also true that there are always some weaknesses, such as doubt, immaturity, regrets, and denial, within ourselves.
Therefore, I treasure those opposite states of mind and the sensitivity that seeks positivities in daily lives that go between those.
When you try to express these conflicts and thoughts as they are, it won’t be logical or coherent and ends up being complex and chaotic, but I feel lately such a way of creation is a mission that is given to me as an artist.