YMAMOTO’s Creation

The work of YAMAMOTO Kazuhiro is filled with cute but strange human-like creatures. The artist draws fictitious human and imaginary creatures with ink on a brush.
Brush strokes speak loudly in calligraphy while simply form outlines of faces in paintings. The artist aims his brush stroke to be such a flexible one. He uses a brush sometimes vertically and sometimes horizontally. Movements of brush can be controlled by the artist, or a brush might move itself as if it has its own will, to create something on canvas.
Simply moving a brush without any intention can form shapes, which can give them meanings. Such an action, while keeping in balance between consciousness and unconsciousness, can freely move, thus, it might differ from the creation process of the modern art that values concept most.
As a result, however, his work contains a lot of fictitious human and imaginary creatures that are familiar to the viewers.
When he works on his creation, YAMAMOTO refers to Ukiyo-e by KUNIYOSHI, HOKUSAI, or SEKIEN, classical religious paintings, such as ZENNYO RYUO in DAIGO-ji temple, or 40’s and 50’s cartoons that were drawn with simple yet expressive faces.
For example, he values the unique curved-lines TEZUKA Osamu used for his signature expression “I’m in trouble” their superbness because the readers can feel they can relate to that emotion. That’s how he gets inspired from the others’ work.
“I’d be very happy if you find someone you know in my works. I think it’d be fun to find strange but cute imaginary creatures and play with them in your imagination.” This message from YAMAMOTO to viewers says everything about his work.