We, sinners, called "Lilim," have been hiding our voice that in fact, we are the only ones in the world, because we live in a world where it is taken for granted that what is ours belongs to someone else, anywhere and anytime, seek for the right answer where our views are intertwined with each other's, hoping to protect our souls from the rain by covering it with ready-made words from above, which should be there.

It is troublesome that we have no way to prove that our soul exists, so we feel as if we can show it off by expressing ourselves, but when people see it, the more it is in the eyes of many people, the more words are exchanged, the more it becomes something different from what we thought it was, something that can be found anywhere. In the end, the fact that you are the only one in the world is your secret, and you may not even need to know that the red you see here is blue for someone else.

If everyone knows about the beauty of the water lilies in the painting or the strange feeling of the undulating moonlight, then it is not your thoughts. However, if you keep your secrets in a box and only you know what's inside, you don't have to be someone else or one of many.